Disability Programs-over age 18

If your child has a disability and is graduating from school, there are options for day programs and work programs to assist them! Please talk to your child's special education teacher and school counselor about your options!

Elizabeth Richardson Center(ERC)


ERC has a day program where adults can work on learning and practicing daily living skills(laundry, cooking, crafts, social skills, etc.) and a work center where adults can build job skills before finding a job in the community. 

Arkansas Support Network(asn)


Programs include support, training, and education in the areas of creativity, recreation, nutrition, healthy life, work cooperatives, and literacy.

Open Avenues


Open Avenues provides job training resources for adults as well as a work center and transportation.

Pathfinder, Inc.


Pathfinder, Inc. provides educational, vocational, and therapy services for adults with disabilities.