Meet our extraordinary speech therapy team!

They specialize in communication and language disorders, and feeding/ swallowing difficulties. Whatever speech concerns you may have for your child, we are ready to help your child discover their voice!

Miss. Alyson



Hometown: Hot Springs, AR

Graduated from:University of Central Arkansas

"The best part of my job is knowing that I am working to make a difference in children’s lives. My absolute favorite thing is helping kids find their voice who have not been able to express themselves."

Favorite Hobby: Cheering on the Arkansas Razorbacks!

Miss. Stephanie



Hometown: Jonesboro, AR

Graduated from: Arkansas State University

“I love giving kids a “voice.” Life without the ability to communicate is lonely, isolating, and frightening! I truly love working with children and their families to unlock their thoughts, feelings, and desires with the gift of communication. It is priceless!”

Favorite Hobby: Making memories with my husband and daughter!

Miss. Ana


¡Hablo Español!

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Graduated from: U of A

"I love being able to provide families the support that they need as a whole while helping their child learn and grow."

Favorite Hobby: Watching baseball and playing with my dog

Miss. Liz


Hometown: Minooka, Illinois

Graduated from: The University of Tulsa

" I have always loved children! Their personalities, laughter, and quirks give me so much joy!The absolute best part of working with the pediatric population as a speech pathologist is having the privilege to collaborate with families to see children achieve anything and everything. It can be a new sound, word, skill or confidence in themselves!"

Favorite Hobby: I love doing anything creative! I especially enjoy painting, cardmaking, and scrapbooking!

Miss. Kassandra


¡Hablo Español!

Hometown: Springdale, AR

Graduated from: University of Tulsa

"I love seeing the overall growth that our therapy kiddos make!"

Favorite Hobby: Exercise

Miss. Rachel


Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Graduated from: University of Tulsa

"I love being able to help children achieve lifelong communication skills to help them communicate with their family, caregivers, and friends. My favorite thing is watching them grow in confidence, foster new curiosity, and use these new skills to help them thrive in the world around them."

Favorite Hobby: Hiking around Arkansas with my dog Brinkely!

Miss. Karla


¡Hablo Español!

Hometown: Reno, NV

Graduated from: Our Lady of the Lake University

" I love being able to provide children the tools necessary to communicate in order to be who they are."

Favorite Hobby: Watching movies

Miss. bonnie


¡Hablo Español!

Hometown: Holden, MA

Graduated from: North Carolina Central University

Kids SPOT Team since: 2013

"In the beginning of my studies and my career, my passions were (and still are) dysphagia and feeding; however, since starting at Kids SPOT I have discovered and cultivated a passion for language development. I am constantly inspired when I see a child develop an ability to communicate effectively with their family/caregiver and when I witness the connection that follows. "

Favorite Hobby: Photography

Miss. Suzy


Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Graduated from: U of A

Kids SPOT Team since: 2019

"I love getting to combine teaching and playing. I have so much fun with my Kids SPOT kiddos!"

Favorite Hobby: Tap dancing

Mr. Tommy


¡Hablo Español!

Hometown: McAllen, TX

Graduated from: University of Arkansas

Kids SPOT Team since: 2014

"My favorite thing about working with the pediatric population is that as a therapist I am here to help children attain and keep skills in the area of communication that they can use in their everyday life."

Favorite Hobby: You can catch me running along the razorback trail or around lake Fayetteville with my dog Icarus.