Physical Therapy team

Meet our incredible physical therapy team!

They specialize in movement, balance, and strength deficits. Whatever physical therapy concerns you may have for your child, we are ready to help your child explore their environment in a new and exciting way!

Miss. Hillary


Hometown: Wynne, AR Raised in Springdale!

Graduated from:Missouri State University

"I love watching kid's eyes light up when they realize they can do something they didn't know they could do. I love being a part of that growth. I also really enjoy connecting with families and empowering them with ways to help their child. We see the best results when we work together as a team."

Favorite Hobby: Hiking and finding waterfalls with my husband and 2 little boys.

Miss. Kennia


¡Hablo Español!

Hometown: Bentonville, AR

Graduated from:University of Arkansas

"I think it's amazing to be able to foster relationships with our kids and their families and be able to watch them grow and thrive. It's so much fun to be able to be creative and learn through pediatric therapy."

Favorite Hobby: Anything outdoors!



Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Graduated from: Hendrix College, BA in Psychology (2008) and Blinn College, Associates in PT (2010)

"I love working with babies and children all day! I love encouraging them and witnessing how the power of positive reinforcement can not only boost their confidence but positively influence their lives!"

Favorite Hobbies: Camping/hiking with Taylor and our 2 dogs. Gardening. Yoga. Canoeing.

Miss. Edith


¡Hablo Español

Hometown: Fort Smith, AR

Graduated from: Regis University in Denver, CO

"I love being able to turn “work” into “play”. Most of the time the kids don’t realize that they’re working on a particular skill, they’re just enjoying the game or activity!"

Favorite Hobby: I enjoy spending time with my two Australian shepherds, Seamus and Sulley. Fun fact about Seamus is that he is deaf and knows his commands through hand signals.

Miss. Miranda


Hometown: Diamond, Missouri

Graduated from: NWACC 2016

"I love getting to help and watch the kids learn and grow by turning exercises into functional " play" and to see their excitement when they achieve something."

Favorite Hobbies: taking our dogs to the park and spending time with family and friends.

Miss. Kelsie


Hometown: Farmington, AR

Graduated from: NWACC

"I enjoy helping kids learn a new activity and seeing the excitement they get when they achieve their goals!"

Favorite Hobby: I love going to the lake with my family and watching sports!

Miss. Janett


¡Hablo Español!

Hometown: Rogers, AR

Graduated from: NWACC

"I enjoy "playing" with kids and helping them meet their milestones and become stronger than they ever thought possible! I believe early intervention is key in providing a head start in reaching age appropriate skills. The relationships built with the parents are very special and seeing how proud they are of their child when they meet a goal we've worked on is so rewarding! "

Favorite Hobbies: Traveling, dancing, spending time with my family and exploring the world through my daughter's eyes

Miss. Chris


Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Graduated from: NWACC

Kids SPOT Team since: 2015

"One of the most satisfying things about working in pediatrics is being able to help kids become safer and more functional. I love that kids have so much fun and at the same time grow more steady, strong and self-confident with therapy."

Favorite Hobby: Playing with my grandchildren and doing projects in my house or yard